Musicals are one of the most well-known and enjoyable forms of theatre. One of the biggest reasons for that is that musicals include a lot of colorful and vibrant song performances. This naturally also makes for amazing photos and moments, which is something all photographers couldn’t get more of. In this list, we are focusing on recommending the best musicals of all time to watch plus offer tips on how to take better theatrical photos through AI image editing apps, such as VanceAI Image Denoiser. With such apps, you can significantly improve photos taken in the theatre, regardless of the location. Not to mention that you can improve basically any photo with this app.

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Best 10 Musicals to Watch

1. Hamilton

As a highly trending musical, Hamilton is available on Disney Plus and follows the story of Alexander Hamilton, widely known as the founding father of America. While there have been many adaptations and re-telling of this story, the musical version of it adds its own unique charm to the tale. To portray the life of Hamilton through a musical is already creative enough, but they enhance the play further by incorporating rap and hip hop music as well. Moreover, the musical is also praised for its highly diverse and inclusive cast. As for the writing, it is provocative and thoughtful as it questions the current state of the world and invites viewers to ask about what the future holds for us.


2. Wicked

Musicals and theatrical performances offer a lot of new perspectives to the viewers. This is something the Wicked musical does too, in many ways. It presents a world shared by the characters in Wizard of Oz. However, the story of Wicked provides a completely new and often sad perspective. When it comes to its style, the musical is an inspiration of folk music though it experiments often. This is one of the most successful broadway musicals to date, having earned more than a billion in revenue along with sequels planned for the future somewhere around 2024.


3. The Phantom of the Opera

The source material of this particular musical is relatively old. The original novel was a drama written by a French author and published in 1909. The musical itself was released back in 2004, but managed to create enough impact to be still relevant. The story is about a soprano singer who becomes an obsession to a man living in the Paris Opera House. While this musical wasn’t exactly popular with the critics, it was nonetheless liked by the general audience.

The Phantom of the Opera

4. Evita

The Evita musical may be lesser known than the other contemporaries, though it is just as impressive regardless. The rock musical opera is a rare genre but the musical pulls it off well. The musical was first released in 1976 and has since been adapted many times throughout the years over the globe with shows running in Broadway, Brazil, England, and more.


This political tale follows the life of Eva Peron, the second wife of Juan Peron, who was the president of Argentina. The story focuses on Eva’s personal life and all the political and philanthropic work she had done over the years in power.

5. Dreamgirls

The Dreamgirls is an ambitious and dazzling tale of a group of RnB performers who journey their way to fame. This musical is also one of the old ones, having been first performed at Broadway all the way back in 1981. However, it has made an incredible impact on the culture and music. For one, the song “I Am Not Going” not only ended up as the number one song on RnB billboard, the cast was also awarded 2 Grammy awards for the same.


6. Gypsy

Gypsy is a 1959 musical that follows the story of Gypsy Rose Lee and her mother, Rose, who is also known as ‘the ultimate show business runner’. The lead character, Gypsy, is a stiptease artist and one of the daughters her mother works hard for. Rose is a pretty complex character who wants to teach her daughters everything about show business and the way she is written is sure to strike the minds of even the most modern viewer.


7. Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon is one of the best musicals of all time with a historical setting. The 1989 musical focuses on a romantic tale between a Vietnamese woman and an American soldier. While anyone above 12 years of age can watch this musical, there is a lot of hidden context intended for mature audiences. For example, this play speaks on political ideologies such as communism and democracy. Not to mention that the story in the musical takes place during the Vietnam War.

Miss Saigon

8. Into the Woods

Into the Woods is one the best musicals to watch if you are interested in different characters from different worlds sharing the same stage together. This is a rare musical wherein it features various characters such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, and more. This 1986 musical was a massive hit as it brought a lot of financial success as well as 3 Tony Awards. Not to mention that it also received nominations at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe. The musical is a tale about a baker and his wife trying to conceive a child but with a witch’s curse on them.

Into the Woods

9. Fiddler on the Roof

As one of the musicals with a historical context, the Fiddler on the Roof play is heartwarming in its tone and messages. It is a play about a group of Russians and Jews living together in co-operation at a time of imperial Russia during the 1905s. The musical takes inspiration from many other plays and puts its own spin on it. It was the longest running Broadway for almost a decade, which is something not many musicals have achieved.

Fiddler on the Roof

10. Les Miserables

Most would know this title as the 2012 movie starring Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, and more. However, this title goes way to 1862 as it was originally a novel written by Victor Hugo. The musical was first made and released in 1980, which also focused on the life of Jean as he is released from prison. The character of Jean goes on to build a life for himself and takes the responsibility of raising a young girl though he is always chased by a police inspector. The story is dramatic and highly emotional, with a backdrop of the French Revolution, which naturally makes it a compelling watch.

Les Miserables


With these amazing and inspiring musicals, you can now also find the motivation to get into theatre and musical plays in your own way. Theatre photography is definitely one way of doing so. With effective AI based image editing applications offered by the image enhancer VanceAI, you can get started with taking photos of stages and actors during the play. The stage is full of action and drama, hence you are sure to end up with some astonishing shots. After that, making use of an app like VanceAI Image Denoiser will ensure that your photos are at their best. Lastly, be sure to experiment around and immerse yourself into this world by watching more musicals.

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