What makes a good podcast, and how do you create one? This fundamental issue may be a source of anxiety for marketers and content producers. Is there a certain amount of downloads required? Do you have a high play rate? An advertisement placed by a third party?

We think that a great podcast does more than reach a certain number. It needs to be innovative, interesting, and engaging enough to keep your viewers on edge. But how will you create a podcast that is both entertaining and informative? VansMedia from VanceAI aspires to create music automatically via the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning. A few clicks are all that it takes to modify the length and structure of your song and the instruments and pace of your music. 

The 5 commandments of a good podcast listed below will undoubtedly make your job simpler. Kindly look at them and make sure you follow our recommendations to make a successful podcast!

What Makes a Good Podcast: Tips and Tricks

Focus on a Central Idea

Essentially, the central idea of your work is the primary point or topic of your piece: the reason for why you are telling this particular tale. Perhaps it is the driving force behind your decision to start a podcast in the first place. Thorough knowledge of what you're attempting to communicate can assist you in communicating it more clearly and succinctly. Allow for the magic of the creative process to play a role in your plans, however, since often what you're trying to convey isn't even apparent to you until you say it. However, understanding at the very least what you believe you're attempting to bring is an excellent place to begin. It is possible to progress from there.

Play to an audience

You should be clear about who you want to be your target audience. Are you a project manager, a student, or a cat enthusiast? Your material must be targeted towards a particular set of individuals. The likelihood of acquiring followers and long-term listeners increases as a result of this strategy. It is also essential to know what your audience expects from you to make your performance engaging.
If you ignore who you're targeting, you may wind up with deceptive stats. For example, if you have a podcast focused on cats but are also targeted at pet lovers in general, you may be able to attract many visitors to your podcast landing page before they leave.

Audio Quality

You and your co-hosts, as well as your guests, should be able to hear each other. This implies that you should avoid recording your podcast at a bar or having one of your co-hosts' microphones turned up very loud while yours is turned down incredibly low.
In reality, it's a trap that many people fall into: upgrading your equipment seldom improves the quality of your performance. All you have to do is ensure that the voices are clear, that the volume levels are balanced, and that there are no background sounds. 


Audio has the tremendous narrative capacity, and a skilled presenter knows the art of storytelling. They should recognize the narrative structure, focal statements, point of view, decision points, drama, and stakes in a tale.

Be enthusiastic

Podcasts are entertaining! You may learn a great deal from your visitors, mainly if they are well-known business leaders in their respective fields. People will love your podcasts just as much as you enjoy creating and broadcasting them. Moreover, if the audience understands that you are pleased with what you are doing, they will be waiting eagerly for the next episode.


The process of creating a successful podcast is not always straightforward. It requires a great deal of concentration and involvement. However, once you get started and get familiar with the world of podcasts, you will quickly rise to the top of your field! Inquire of friends and other podcasters for comments and guidance, and improve on your delivery of the material. Be a receptive podcast listener who is eager to learn from other professionals.

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